The surprising health benefits of sunshine: (and it's not just vitamin D)

A quarter of Britons have insufficient or deficient levels of vitamin D

With schools breaking up for the summer this week, British families are gearing up for the annual exercise in sun protection - dousing themselves and their children in high factor SPF, and packing hats, parasols and sunsuits in their suitcases. From a health perspective, tanning is now right up there with smoking.

There’s no doubt that too much sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer and prematurely ages the skin - but is the sun really an evil to be avoided at all costs?

Recent research has challenged this dogma, suggesting that sunlight has health benefits beyond vitamin D, including fine-tuning the immune system and lowering blood pressure. Some have even dubbed sunscreen ‘the new margarine’,... read more

The Telegraph, by Linda Geddes

Mark Hosker